Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Church on Sunday

Once a month Kevin has been preaching at Matero Baptist Church while their pastor is in Korea going to seminary.  My parents were able to experience a Zambian church service, a great welcome, Zambian hospitality, good singing, and a Zambian meal.
The picture above is of the pastors wife leading the choir.

the youth choir

Daddy and Zach
offering time

Kevin preaching

Afterwards we went to the pastors home and had a wonderful meal of nshima, cabbage, and chicken.  You eat with your right hand here.  It was fun teaching my parents how to eat a Zambian meal.

They liked it!

Zach has really enjoyed having nshima again!
the pastors home
me and Hannah in front of the church


Mama and Daddy in front of the church

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